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Experienced Asphalt Sealing for Columbus Properties 

Seal coating involves the application of a thin compound that acts as a binding and protective agent. It is typically applied after the initial asphalt curing period and reapplied every few years. Kurguz Paving has been doing quality work since 1982, serving Columbus and the surrounding communities.

Protect Your Parking Lot or Driveway  

Here are a few reasons asphalt sealing is in demand:

  • Good looks – Automobiles do a number on paved surfaces. Asphalt sealing creates a sleek, clean look that complements buildings and landscaping. If the architectural style of your property lends itself more to concrete paving, we can help you with that, too.
  • Slows oxidation – Openly exposed to the elements, asphalt is vulnerable to solar radiation and oxygen, which have a tendency to break down the material. Sealcoating greatly reduces exposure to these damaging elements.
  • Slows water penetration – Untreated blacktop naturally has voids where water can enter. In Ohio, the cycle of freezing and thawing causes expansion and contraction, quickly causing potholes and requiring repair. Applying a sealcoat is a great defense because it acts as a waterproofing agent.
  • Protects the pavement from cracking – One of the effects of applying the sealant is a natural darkening of the surface. The darker color absorbs more heat, making the material more elastic and having the effect of sealing a number of cracks automatically.
  • Easier to clean - When pavement is sealed, its smooth top makes for easier sweeping and faster pressure washing.

Handling Projects Large and Small 

We’re licensed, bonded and insured, and offer more than 30 years of experience. Why not contact us for a free estimate? Serving Columbus and the surrounding areas, we can be reached at 614-239-1919.