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Businesses in Columbus Trust Us With Asphalt Striping 

Kurguz Paving Striping
Kurguz Paving Striping
After freshly pouring, repairing, resurfacing or sealing pavement, asphalt striping is that finishing touch to show all users your commitment to quality. From a visual perspective, fresh striping complements beautifully maintained buildings and grounds. Kurguz Paving has been providing pavement-marking services for more than 30 years in the Columbus area, and are therefore trusted to properly measure stalls and apply quality paint to your parking lot. Further, we’re committed to following ADA guidelines on all projects.

Better Traffic Flow for Safer Areas

  • ADA compliance – The Americans with Disabilities Act includes specifications for accessibility in parking lots. Noncompliant projects can incur fines, not to mention creating difficulties and risks for wheelchair users. We’ll ensure the correct size, shape and number of features to comply with ADA guidelines.
  • Better traffic flow – We can create one- or two-way lanes to encourage vehicles to enter and exit your facility with ease. This prevents unnecessary delays, especially around times of peak usage.
  • Safer for pedestrians – Some drivers unfortunately are distracted or not overly concerned with safety. We build highly visible crosswalks that reflect light and draw drivers’ attention to the need to slow down or stop when pedestrians are crossing.
  • Make parking easier – We can create diagonal spaces at any angle, which tend to be easier on drivers. Angled stalls take up more space though, so they’re not right for every application. Whether you want straight, angled, wide, long or compact stalls, or a combination of such, we can meet your needs.

Creating Attractive Parking Lots Since 1982

Whether you need asphalt striping, concrete crack sealing or a related service, our licensed contractors are ready to show you their best work. We serve the Columbus area and can be reached at 614-239-1919.
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