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Columbus Professionals Offering Lot Grading 

Your civil engineer has designed a plan to preparing your site for construction. This plan is often weeks in the making: field tests have been performed, measurements were taken and the engineer, likely with the help of specialized software, has decided on how to either flatten or slope your property to make it suitable for construction. Kurguz Paving has been serving the Columbus, Ohio, area for more than 30 years, handling complicated mass grading projects in a safe, timely fashion. We have the needed equipment to come in and remove large amounts of earth to make a site suitable for construction. We work carefully, making sure not to disturb existing utilities, some of which may be buried underground. We use the same expertise and equipment to fill large holes in a way to minimize the risk of settling and sinkholes later.

Precise Leveling for Homes & Businesses

A later phase includes a more precise form of leveling, sometimes called lot grading. This step is more hands-on and can require numerous iterations of scraping and/or compaction. Laser equipment is used to check levels against the engineer’s specifications. High-tech tools are great for speeding up work and increasing accuracy, but nothing beats a trained eye to keep a project on course. We have extensive experience in finish grading, enabling our crews to spot the needs of the site and handle them accordingly. A difference between amateur and quality work can mean pools of standing water versus properly draining pavement. Remember that poor slopes can also send water towards buildings, which can cause moisture damage and rot out foundations.

Combining the Latest Techniques With 30 Years of Experience

We’re the Columbus area's grading experts you can count on. We can handle your project all the way to the finish line, providing concrete or asphalt striping to meet your plan’s specifications. Give us a call for a free estimate at 614-239-1919.