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Crack Filling & Sealing for Asphalt Surfaces in Columbus

Kurguz Paving has been performing asphalt crack sealing for more than 30 years in the Columbus area. We begin the process with a thorough inspection of the entire parking lot surface. We’ll identify and mark areas where repair is recommended and calculate the estimated cost. In general pavement cracks between 1/4-inch and 1-inch wide are good candidates for repair. Different types of cracks require different sealing procedures, but they all start with a thorough cleaning.

Types of Damage

The following is an overview of the six most common types of cracks we encounter in Ohio:

  • Fatigue – Also known as alligator cracks, these are caused by repetitive compressive stress. In some cases, it’s better to remove and refill such areas rather than try to fill the gaps.
  • Joint – When two different sections are paved but do not bond properly, this type of unwanted gap can occur.
  • Slippage – These are often created by vehicles regularly slowing down and turning at a particular point. This causes fractures, sometimes crescent shaped, that are the result of a bond failure between layers.
  • Reflective – Fractures from the base or subbase can be reflected onto a parking lot’s surface, breaking open the top of the pavement.
  • Block – One reason behind this type of damage is erratic traffic patterns that don’t evenly wear the pavement. The same symptoms can stem from a bad asphalt mix or numerous amount of air voids.
  • Edge – Frost, poor drainage and base issues can all create this type of crack growth that are offset from the nearest edge.

For Best Results, Call the Experts

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